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Introduction and usage of formaldehyde analyzer

check the condition of rechargeable battery before use. Set the function switch to bat, test A. if the battery is in good condition, it will display a value of 100 or higher on the LCD display panel (ignore any decimal point when checking the battery). When the battery is full, it can be used continuously for 12 hours

turn the function switch to st B. This position tests the analyzer amplifier battery. This set of alkaline batteries supplies power to the sensor and remains in the ready state regardless of whether the analyzer is on or off. For safety reasons, it is best to replace the battery before the LCD display is lower than 100

2. Alarm setting

usually the factory sets the alarm at 50% of the full scale, and the alarm can be reset through the following methods

(1) set the function switch to zero. Rotate the zero knob to make the LCD display the required alarm concentration value

(2) adjust the alarm set clockwise until the alarm lamp flashes. If the alarm value has been active, turn the alarm set button counterclockwise until the alarm value does not move, and then turn it clockwise to return to the alarm light just flashes

3. Instrument zeroing

instruments often need to be zeroed on site before use. The zero point adjustment is carried out in the sample mode. The C12 filter is used to filter the gas into zero gas in the sampling space

4. Set the sampling gas

function switch to the sampling position to activate the pump and put the analyzer in the sampling gas mode. After the instrument is stable, the concentration value of formaldehyde gas is displayed, and the sampling flow is about 1 L/min

product application

the formaldehyde analyzer has a drip cell with good sealing performance. All seals are produced with highly stable molds, which completely separates the titration process from the outside world. The automatic liquid supply and discharge system can automatically change the solvent or remove the waste liquid, avoiding the contact between the chemical test agent and the human body

formaldehyde analyzer is widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, scientific research institutions and other industries. It can test the content of free water contained in tobacco, paper, food, tea, feed, grain, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, textile raw materials and other samples and print data

formaldehyde determination technology applies new data communication technology and control software development based on computer operating system. 1. Non metallic material experimental instruments; The new generation moisture meter can automatically adjust the titration accuracy and titration speed according to the sample, which is convenient, fast and high-precision to test the moisture content in different ranges; According to the experimental environmental conditions, automatic or manual drift value background deduction can be set to ensure more accurate analysis results; Automatic or manual endpoint recognition can be selected according to different Karl Fischer Reagent standards

high precision standard piston burette and non-proliferation titration head ensure high-precision potentiometric titration. Burette's push-in design makes it easy and fast to replace at any time. The module combination of titration reaction bottle greatly reduces the cost of consumables such as reaction bottle, and makes the cost of consumables of moisture meter extremely low

models with Dow polyurethane and alloy steel ester (source: mobaiguan)

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